Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Allapure Hand Sanitizer Hypo Allergenic?

Yes, Allapure® Hand Sanitizer is free of dyes and fragrances.

2. Could Allapure Hand Sanitizer be used as a wound cleanser?

Yes, Allapure® Hand Sanitizer is a very effective anti -microbial that can be used to clean wounds and burns.

3. Does Allapure Hand Sanitizer have any smell?

Yes, Allapure® Hand Sanitizer has a slight fresh scent.

4. Can you add essential oils to Allapure Hand Sanitizer?

Yes, you can add essential oils.

5. Is Allapure Hand Sanitizer still effective if it freezes?

Freezing will not affect the efficiency of our Allapure® Hand Sanitizer but we recommend you shake the bottle before use.

6. Is Allapure Hand Sanitizer still effective if it gets hot?

Heat does not affect the efficiency of Allapure Hand Sanitizer.

7. What percentage of alcohol is in Allapure?

We are proud to say that we at Allapure® do not use any alcohol or any other harsh chemicals in our products.

Is Allapure effective against the Neurovirus?

Yes, in fact, Allapure® not only KILLS the Neurovirus On Contact but it also Kills all of the Super Bugs, including, Mersa, Staph, C-diff in it’s spore form and VRE.

9. Do all hand sanitizers work the same as Allapure?

No, Allapure stands far above the rest on the market today because we are the only hand sanitizer formulation that carries the FDA Mandate for the 6 Kill Log (99.9999%)

Is Allapure safe to use while I am pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to use while you are pregnant because unlike other sanitizers we do not use alcohol or harsh chemicals therefore Allapure does not penetrate the skin and go into the bloodstream but instead protects your hands like an invisible glove for up to four hours.

11. Is Allapure hand sanitizer safe to use on kids?

Yes, Allapure® Hand Sanitizer is safe for children of all ages.  It is Important for all of us to practice healthy daily habits to protect Ourselves against germs and viruses.

12. Is Allapure safe to use as wound care on my pets?

We, at Allapure® love our pets as family and feel they deserve the same care as we do so we have created a line of specialty products just for them called “Allapure for Animals.”