Our family loves your product! I have a 10 month old baby and we can’t use most products for babies so young. Your product however is non-toxic so we use it all the time for our son. He has gotten a few scratches from the dogs and other owies in his goal towards walking – we always use Allapure when he gets a cut and by the next day the redness is totally gone and it’s starting to heal. The best part is it doesn’t burn so he doesn’t mind when I put it on. I’ve used it for diaper rash a few times as well and it always clears it up right away. Great product! We keep it by the diaper changing table at ALL times!

Jessica K. - Oregon

I Love!  Love!  Love!  the Allapure hand sanitizer. I have one in my purse one in my car and at all my job sites. I travel frequently and it is my go to through out my trips. I never get sick and I really think it is from cleaning my hands numerous times a day with Allapure. Its the only hand sanitizer that does not dry out my hands in fact it leaves them feeling conditioned and soft. I would highly recommend Allapure hand sanitizer.

Suzanne - Hidden Hills, CA

Been using alcohol-based hand sanitizer for years, but was never quite clear about whether it was as effective against germs as hand sanitizers which do not kill some common germs such as salmonella, e. Coli, MRSA.  As for ALLAPURE, it is very effective killing germs like e.coli, salmonella, MRSA.  ALLAPURE leaves my hands soft and not greasy.  Applying ALLAPURE as needed, I feel more confident knowing my hands being cleanse and germ free when soap and water is not available.  I keep ALLAPURE with me at all times.  I don’t leave home without it, as no one needs should.

Loretta Praster - Texas

5 stars,  it gives me great peace of mind that there is a product on the market that I can feel confident and safe using on myself and my kids, and know that it kills the germs and keeps on working long after we used it. I have super sensitive skin and have never been able to use alcohol based hand sanitizer without it causing me much pain, but allapure is soothing to my skin.

Kori - Kaysville Utah
As a nurse I was never comfortable using alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I find it so exciting and progressive to finally have a product that is natural and more effective. Using this product daily, I noticed that my hands felt softer and more supple. I also enjoyed peace of mind knowing that Allapure was made with natural products and had a longer efficacy than traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers. I would highly recommend Allapure to anyone looking for a more gentle and effective way to sanitize hands!
Mary - Utah

I have always enjoyed working out at the Gym but I realized that I would get sick a lot. I remember reading about how sickness is spread very quickly in gyms. I started looking for a hand sanitizing product that would kill most Bacteria and Viruses. I found Allapure which states it kills 99.999 of all bacteria and viruses without any alcohol. I decided to give it try and I have to honestly say I have not had a single bout of cold or flu since I have been using it. I now use it as much as I can throughout the day. My 4 dogs spend a lot of time outdoors and have had some cuts from fighting with each other so also bought the wound care for my dogs. cannot believe how how quickly it healed there wounds. I’m completely sold on this product.

Arnie Vega - Mission, TX

My youngest son has had a terrible time with a stye in his eye and we did what the eye dr recommended which was the natural, non medication way of a warm compress over the eye every night.  So we followed the dr’s directions and this went on for several weeks, when we went out of town and were given Allapure to use to clean the area.  WHAT AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE just overnight!  I was pleasantly surprised at the difference and how much redness and swelling it had taken away.  We went on to use it for a couple of more weeks and it has reduced it down to nothing.  We are so pleased with Allapure and all that it does.  We have been using it for other uses as well, but this one is by far the most pleasant of surprises.

Debbie - Princeton, TX
Allapure has been a LIFESAVER for me!
I have been going through IVF (In vitro fertilization) for the past two years and I happen to travel for work which makes administering my shots quite challenging due to the places that are available for me to set up…like bathrooms at airports, restaurants and even concert venues.  It is imperative that I keep everything clean and sanitary so having Allapure has been a game changer and kept my mind at ease. I don’t go anywhere without it! I keep one at home, one in my purse and one at work at all times. Thank you so much for creating a product that is clean, safe and natural.
Jennifer - Garland, TX

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